My mother has collected postcards for many years and has gathered quite a large collection covering many categories. We live in Macclesfield, a small market town in the North West and mums collection includes some great postcards of Macclesfield.

I also like to collect postcards of Macclesfield and try to get the real photographs if possible as they show the social and economic history of the town. It's also great to compare how things have changed (and surprising how many things haven't changed over the years).

I thought it would be a good project to put a website together that features a variety of postcards that are available to buy as a collector. The site is a ongoing project and may take far longer to build than I anticipate but it keeps me quiet.

On each page for a UK town or city, I add a few facts and information about the place in question followed by a listing of postcards for sale and add a Google map at the bottom of the page just in case anyone is unsure of the geographical location. The postcards are all for sale on Ebay from many different sellers.